What our members think of Thai Fit

Nina Kareem

I started Thai Fit ladies about 6 months ago and from the first session I was hooked! I had been going to the gym regularly for about a year and was looking for a fun new way of challenging my body and fitness and Thai Fit gave me that and more. The instructors are amazing and really pays attention to everyone's development and form in the class and makes sure we all leave every session with absolutely nothing left in the tank. Great way to get fit, learn a new sport and meet loads of strong, fierce and inspirational people!

Adam Quinn

I have been taking part in Thai Fit classes with Salah and Nez for years. When I first walked through the doors a novice to the sport compared to the level I have reached now is all down to the technical skill, dedication and knowledge of the coaches.

Steve Sipple

Being a firefighter you need to be physically fit so I have tried a lot of different fitness classes and routines, but I have never done anything that targeted and worked every muscle in my body as much a Thai fit. Also having a world champion fighter taking the class you know that as well as getting a great sweat on you will be learning the right technique. A great class if you don't mind being sore for a couple days after.

Badria Al

I started training with The Incredible Nez on Saturdays at the girls only session with 0 experience in any kind of boxing and had been out of the gym for over 2 years prior. But oh my goodness. I can not stay away now- In fact I picked up more sessions per week. Nez helped me develop technique as well as build strength (mind and body) and the fact that Saturday is a girls only class allowed me to build confidence in myself without the pressure of onlookers. I don't train to be a professional boxer or to compete, I do it purely for fitness and being able to pack-a-punch if need to. I can honestly say the Thai Fit classes have changed my life! The friendships, the support, the work outs, the coaches, the punches, the kicks, the sweat, the intensity.. would not trade it for the world! Highly recommended!

Victoria Burgees

Thai Fit class are the highlight of my week. Surrounded by inspiring and passionate people of all levels, I feel confident and compelled to push myself and improve my fitness and technique. Highly recommended by me!

Atifa Rehman

Training with the fit has helped me as a cancer survivor to manae with the negative emotions like sadness and anger which comes with cancer. As well as developing the physical strength, doing Thai fit helps train the brain with the fighting mental attitude you need to get through life. Nez and Sal are both wonderful trainers who are truly committed to seeing you progress. I love coming every week and watching members grow. So if you are looking for something which will help turn your life around, Thai fit in the way to go.



I met Nez, Sal and the Thai fit squad long before I joined. Everyone knows how intimidadting and scary it can be to even think about joining a fitness class let alone one where they all look so close and friendly. The last thing you want to be is 'the new kid'. But when I finally built the courage and confidence to join, I never looked back. It has been life changing. you feel stronger, more confident, and more EMPOWERED. Thai fit has not only given me a way to enjoy working out as well as to improve my strength and conditioning, its also taught me a form of discipline and this isn't something you can learn from a school, university or even a parent. Thai fit will change your life and you'll never know how you managed without it. Id recommend anyone and everyone to join our Thai fit fam today you won't know what HIIT you!


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