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Skin care routine? What do you choose to put on the largest organ on your body? Chemical based products? Anyone who knows me knows I'm all about natures produce and limiting chemical filled and artificial foods, so of course I will treat what I put on my skin the same way I treat what I put in my mouth. Health is wealth ladies and gents and you really do get out what you put in. Treat your body with respect and nourish it well and you are giving your body the strongest defence to fight off anything stay healthy.

So for a while I've been trying so many different brands and companies to help me find the perfect skin care products. When I stumbled across Organza Natural Skin Care I knew that was what I needed. An honest company with natural, organic, lab tested products and with all the ingredients hand picked to perfection.

I have used their Lemon & Blackseed face scrub. This product is my absolute favourite. I love to exfoliate but I have never come across a product like this. Its made wit argan oil, apricot kernels, sweet almond oil, white poppy seed oil, Shea butter, epsom salt and black seeds. It has a really strong and refreshing citrus scent which I love. All you have to do is a rub a thumb size amount into your face and let the salts, oils and black seeds do their magic! Leave it for a minute or two and rub it off. It has a few natural oils in it as I mentioned so I leaves a beautifully moisture feeling on your face. Ive got combination skin and it didn't leave my face feeling oily at all. I really noticed a difference in my skin when using this twice a week. I felt my skin was a lot shiner and more refreshed. Ironically...a lot less oily!

I've also been using the silk cream, eye potion treatment and avocado protection serum. Now the cream for me was winner was one main reason: because I have combination skin (oily T-zone and some dry areas) a lot of creams can leave my face feeling greasy, oily and heavy. This cream does exactly the opposite, its incredibly light and leaves your face totally refreshed. *Warning* You only need a tiny amount of this cream (it took me a few days to figure this out). The avocado serum I used as a primer before I put on make up or as a light layer on a hot day. They both blend in really well into your skin and leave you face feeling bright!

If you want to try something new to brighten up your skin you must give Organza a try. They are also bringing out essential oils soon so there will be lots of amazing products to chose from. I love the concept of having fresh, natural chemical free products and after 6 weeks of constant use my skin has been the best its ever been.

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